Blower Door Test and Holland College Presentation

This past week we had two events… a second blower door test and another presentation!

On Monday we were fortunate to have Roy come back out to do a final blower door test for us.  While it wasn’t without it’s complications (a door wasn’t shut properly!) we did manage to come in at 0.21 ACH!  This is fantastic!!  Our original was 0.18 ACH and that was before we had put in many of the penetrations.  This goes to show just how diligent  our crew was in ensuring that the air sealing was done properly.  Kudos to Trout River Homes and of course Ralph for the work that he did as well!!

The second event this week was a presentation for the Architectural Technology students at Holland college.  They are currently taking a course entitled Introduction to Sustainable Design and invited me to give a presentation on our home.   The students were a fantastic audience and presented me with lots of great questions.  It is so encouraging to see students engaged in the topic of sustainability and I hope that they will bring elements of sustainable design into their future careers! Every time I give a presentation I intend to take a few pictures but yet again I was so involved in the conversation that I forgot!  You’ll have to trust me that it was a great day 🙂

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How do you know about Passive House?

One of the first questions I get asked about our home is how we first learned about Passive House and why we decided to build this way. 

We first wanted to build a passive solar home and through our research we discovered the Passive House standard. The more we learned about it the more strongly we felt that it was the right choice. Really, we felt there was no other option!

So, leave a comment!  How did you first learn about Passive House?

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Open House Success!

We’ve been recovering from the open house, haha!  In all seriousness, it was a resounding success!  I didn’t even get a chance to take any pictures!  We had 45 people come through the house and many stayed for a significant length of time to make sure they saw everything and had all their questions answered.  We really appreciated all of the feedback we received and especially the excitement that we saw in others as they toured our home.   When we started this journey into sustainable building we had a hard time finding many people who were as interested in building efficiency as we were.  Yesterday, however, brought together a group of like minded individuals who are passionate about this same topic.

While I very much enjoyed answering questions about our home and sharing what we have done, I must say I equally enjoyed hearing others share their own stories and plans.  From students, to architects, to future sustainable home owners and supportive friends, a diverse group was in my home yesterday.  Given the noise level, I know there were many interesting conversations being had!

Thank you to everyone who attended the open house; we are happy to share our experiences!  A special thank you as well to Terry and Natalie Perry for co-hosting the event!

To end this post, a little tidbit of energy data… in the last four days we have consumed 1.5 kWh of energy to heat the house.  At today’s electricity rate of $0.1278/kWh that is only 19.17 cents worth of electricy; an average of less than 5 cents a day!

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Open House!!

Our open house is tomorrow and we are looking forward to opening our home to anyone who may be interested in seeing and learning more about a Passive House!  Our builders Terry and Natalie Perry of Trout River Homes Inc. are co-hosting the event and will be here as well to help answer any questions.

It has been mild the past 2 days and the driveway is pretty muddy right now.  It is supposed to freeze again tonight so hopefully there will not be too much mud around tomorrow afternoon.  You might want to bring a pair of rubber boots just in case!!

Here is a link to the poster once again as well as a Google map to direct you to our home.  The address is 1059 Long River Rd.  You can put in your address in to get directions right to our door.  We are looking forward to seeing you 🙂

Open House Poster

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Reminder: Passive House Revolution

Tomorrow is the big night for the viewing of Passive House Revolution and the Q&A session.  Hope you can join us!  Here’s the link to the Facebook page.

2015-03-12 20.27.38

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Open House!

A big week coming up for us this week!  There are two events that I’m going to promote in this post.

1.  Free public viewing of the documentary Passive House Revolution on Thursday, March 26th at 7pm.  The documentary will be followed by a Q&A with a panel people invested in sustainability and specifically, Passive House.  I will be sitting on the panel as well as our builder, Terry Perry of Trout River Homes Inc.  (  Check out the Facebook event!

2015-03-12 20.27.38

2.  OPEN HOUSE!  On Saturday, March 28th we are opening our home to the public and co-hosting an open house with our builder Terry and Natalie Perry of Trout River Homes Inc.  If you are curious about Passive House and seeing how all of the principles come together then please come out, take a look, and ask as many questions as you like!

Open House Poster

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Windows and Snow

As we sit here weathering yet another winter storm, approximately 50cm more of the white stuff is on ground, I am looking out the window at the drift that is growing.  One might think that at this point we might be begging for spring to arrive but I’m having another thought right now.   I am enjoying seeing the snow against the windows because what I see is that we are not losing heat through them!  There is no evidence of the snow melting due to heat escaping through the class.

As anyone knows it is pretty challenging to take a picture of a window, especially with my phone, but here are a few anyway.

2015-03-16 10.43.00 2015-03-16 10.44.01

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