December Update

There’s not a whole lot to say these days; the house is now a home 🙂

I’ve updated the spreadsheet with the latest data which also includes or first propane delivery since moving into the house.

On Dec. 5th we turned the heat on… we’ve been having quite the string of cloudy days which is not at all helping our heating!  If you take a look at the last two weeks of our weather it is absolutely clear why we needed to turn on the heat! (Thank you for the info!)



I guess I can update you on our covered deck as well.  Could have done that in July actually!  We decided to build a covered deck off of the east side of the house that was originally going to have a deck and pergola.  So, that meant pulling down the original ledger board that we installed and fixing the siding.  We did all the work ourselves with lots of help from the kiddos.  The boys even checked to make sure the post holes were deep enough for us 🙂 We ended up spending a lot of time on the deck this summer enjoying the shade it provided from the strong rays of the sun during the day.  We plan on screening it in eventually to protect us from those evening mosquitos!  The front of the house will still get a pergola and some decking will be along there as well.  All in good time!!

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