One Full Year

I’ve been a horrible blogger!!!  We have made it an entire month past the one year mark and I have failed to make an entry.  This is not for lack of wanting, but for lack of time.  It seems as though my jobs as full time parent and full time teacher have monopolized my time as of late.  But as the old saying goes, better late then never!

So, here are the stats:

Heating:  754 kWh
Water Heating:  4534 kWh
Domestic Electricity:  4741 kWh

For each of you reading this you can put this into the context of what you pay for electricity.  Given our electricity rate of $0.1316 / kWh this gives us the following costs.  Also identified here is the base rate that we pay per month.  On top of the numbers shown we also have to pay an additional 14% HST.

Heating:  $99.23
Water Heating:  $596.67Domestic Electricity:  $623.92
Bast Rate:  $323.04

Putting this all together with the HST we have paid a total of $1872.63 for all of our electrical needs including our heating, hot water, and domestic electrical needs.

I must say that I am very happy with these results.  In the home that we owned before we rented we paid around $3500 per year for heat.  We then had to add our domestic hot water on top of this!

So, there you have it.  Our stats.  For our 1950 sq ft home and our family of 6, I think we have done fairly well.

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5 Responses to One Full Year

  1. Bryson says:

    These are truly outstanding numbers, Beth. The space heating going from $3,500/year to $100/year is the most remarkable. That added to the fact that the house much more comfortable for living is truly amazing. Definitely a home for the future and a practical example for all of us.

  2. David Ing says:

    Beth: Thanks for your information, which are outstanding figures. We are looking forward to our kids building their passive house.

  3. Dan M says:

    You’re electrical costs give me some comfort. We have a 35 year old home in Riverview with 3 people in which we heat about 2600 square feet of space when you include the finished basement. Through LED lighting, two heat pumps (mini split) and a little extra insulation, our monthly electrical bill is $200 ($2400 yearly) on an equalized payment plan. This includes hot water etc… And we keep the temperature at a steady 22 degrees.

  4. Nihar Mohanty says:

    Hello Beth,
    Thank you letting us view your wonderful energy efficient house! My daughters and I had a great time meeting all of your kids. Impressive numbers- I think you have approached the energy problem in the correct hierarchical way- well insulated building envelope and then you have opportunities to drive the energy uses lower by LED lighting (although compared to CFL a smaller number) and add PV solar panels later- when the prices are more reasonable. I just do not understand why there is a tax on the purchase of solar equipment for residential customers (if I understand this) on the Island if the Island would really like to promote sustainability. I also do not agree that somehow the price of solar panels are subsidized by folks who do not have them- especially if you consider the health effects of emissions from the usage of fossil fuels that affects all besides other factors that are unaccounted for in the simplistic calculations.

    As a fluid mechanics prof., I am really interested in what is the temperature of the incoming air after going through the geothermal loop and if some refining should be done depending on the initial temperature for the home made radiator to transfer the heat (or coolness- heat is scalar) in to the HRV efficiently- perhaps modulate the rate of glycol through the system or increase the size of the radiator coils, etc. It could be a great experiment.

    We need more Beths if we want to promote, adopt and embrace the concept of sustainability in a mass scale especially in an island where sea level rise would impact the very existence of it.
    Let me know if you want to discuss.
    Best wishes,
    Nihar Mohanty
    Nisha Mohanty
    Maya Mohanty

    • Nihar Mohanty says:

      Also, for the clothes dryer venting from an incredibly tight envelope issue, I suggest you consider some new clothes dryers based on a heat pump principle (from Europe) that do not need to vent outside – they may be pricey now, but should be affordable later.

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