Green Building Advisor

Last week I was very pleased to have an article about our home published on the Green Building Advisor website.

As I read the article I found myself in awe.  I recall reading articles such as this (on this website!) and imagining that we could build a home that would perform in such a sustainable way.  And now, here I am, reading an article about OUR home that is all that I had once dreamed of.

Many thanks to Scott Gibson for putting into such eloquent words, a summary of our building experience.



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2 Responses to Green Building Advisor

  1. Lisa Steele says:

    The Green Building Advisor website is a good one and it’s wonderful to see your house in an article there. <$100 on dedicated heat on PEI is amazing.

    Great promotion for the PassivHaus standard on PEI. 🙂

  2. Marg Younker says:

    Hi Folks: I understand both of you are members of Ground Search as is my husband Roy Younker. Have enjoyed reading the blog on the construction of your home. 35 years a go I contracted the first R2000 home built here. Norman MacMillan from Greenleaf Construction was the builder. he had an interest in R2000 and had a house planned to build but did mine first. It is about 1680 sq, Ft., 1 1/2 stories with a pressure treated wood foundation and concrete floor in basement. The walls there are 9′ constructed from 2×10 pressure treated douglas fir, the floor joists are hung from inside of basement wall, clad with 3/4 ” pressure treated plywood. We backfilled with sand so there was some movement from any frost. My wall are doubles, 2×6 on exterior and a 1×3 on horizontal on the inside, where all the electrical and plumbing run. have R 20 in walls and R 40 in attic cavity, which includes a slopping wall toward the north. We have electric baseboard in each room (thermostats in each area) which we hardly ever need. Heat the place with less than 3 cords a year. There is an air transfer system but because we keep a window or two open all year round it gets little use.
    Norman remarked during the building “there’s a lot of wood in this house”. He left the frame to dry out for two weeks in August and I can say we have tapped in less than a dozen screws in gyproc over the 35 years, otherwise it has aged beautifully.

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