Summer Heating/Cooling

We have been asked several times how we made out this summer. The brief answer, great!

The long answer:

Window screens: The window screens did not come with the windows so we had to have them locally made. Klearwall indicated to us that this would be more economical as they would not have to ship screens from Europe, fair enough. They did however, forget to send them to us and I had to ask to have them shipped which caused us a delay in getting the screens made. When the clips arrived we realized that they were not a product that we were wanting to use and we chose to use screen clips that we purchased locally at Home Hardware. Long story short, we could have made the screens and installed them much sooner than we did. We were having some overheating issues before we installed the screens as we were not able to leave the windows open overnight as the bugs would find their way in. Once we installed the screens though, we were able to enjoy the benefits of passive night time cooling. We would open the windows in the evening and overnight and then close them in the morning to trap the cooler air in the house.

Poor man’s geothermal: Hmmm… if only we had this working properly I think it would have made a substantial difference. We had it running and were seeing about a 10 degree difference in the air temperature from what was outside to what was entering the HRV. Unfortunately, we have had trouble keeping the system running as we continue to get air in the system so the pump will not run. This is a kink that we definitely need to work out.

The verdict: While it would definitely warm up during the day in the house, we always sat at a temperature that was much more comfortable than outside. It often felt like we were walking into an air conditioned space when we walked in even though the indoor temperature could be in the high twenties. Are we happy? Absolutely!

It will be interesting to see when we actually turn the heat on. We are still sleeping with the windows open, who doesn’t love that fresh night time air, and we sit at a pretty constant low to mid twenty temperature. In our previous home we burned wood pellets into June and would start again the beginning of October. I do not foresee us needing any heat that early at all.

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4 Responses to Summer Heating/Cooling

  1. Bryson Guptill says:

    Great to run into you guys in town. Sounds like you’re going to have a heat-free October, and maybe November too. I’m back in my winter rental this week and it’s cold! The heat goes on there as soon as the rain comes on Wednesday.

  2. Sorry to hear your geothermal unit is gathering air. When I made a new unit geothermal heat exchanger unit I installed a fill and purge valve that enabled all the air in the system to be pumped out when charging the system. We ran the charging pump for at least 30 minutes after the air stopped coming out to completely purge the loop of air before we bagan the sequence of closing valves and pressurizing the loop. This time I put in a proper mix of propylene glycol. Cheers, Win

  3. Blair Arsenault says:

    The trick to getting air out of you Geothermal System is the Charge Pump, you need to move the mixture at a rate faster than 2 feet / second or the air gets trapped at the top of any vertical section of piping. If you are using the circulating pump than you will likely not achieve this rate. Also running for 30 minutes as previously mentioned will also help. Are there any pressure gauges / flowmeters that will help determine your flowrate. If you take a picture of your controls and let me know pipe sizing, length, glycol mixture than I may be able to run some numbers. I have a charge pump here and may be able to help you out, perhaps in exchange for another great tour of the finished product.



  4. Anne says:

    This house sounds great. How do you keep the air fresh in the winter, since your house is so airtight.

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