Energy Monitoring Data

I’ve added a new page on the blog entitled, “Energy Monitoring Data”. On this page I’ll be posting the monthly energy data that I’ve collected from TED (The Energy Detective).  I’ve compared our actual energy usage through Maritime Electric with the data that I’ve collected from TED and it is very accurate.  There was only about a 3 kWh difference between the two!

The data is in a Google Drive spreadsheet that I will be continually updating; as of today March and April data is there.  I was disappointed for the month of April though… our overall usage equates to only $114 for the month (that includes all electric usage, heat, hot water, service charge, and taxes).  That isn’t much considering it includes all of that, however, we did use about 15 kWh of energy for heat 😦  We were so hopeful that there wouldn’t be any!  Unfortunately a two week spread of essentially no sunshine got in our way!  Can’t be helped I guess!

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  1. Kingston says:

    hanks for sharing the good information about Energy monitoring data

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