Blower Door Test and Holland College Presentation

This past week we had two events… a second blower door test and another presentation!

On Monday we were fortunate to have Roy come back out to do a final blower door test for us.  While it wasn’t without it’s complications (a door wasn’t shut properly!) we did manage to come in at 0.21 ACH!  This is fantastic!!  Our original was 0.18 ACH and that was before we had put in many of the penetrations.  This goes to show just how diligent  our crew was in ensuring that the air sealing was done properly.  Kudos to Trout River Homes and of course Ralph for the work that he did as well!!

The second event this week was a presentation for the Architectural Technology students at Holland college.  They are currently taking a course entitled Introduction to Sustainable Design and invited me to give a presentation on our home.   The students were a fantastic audience and presented me with lots of great questions.  It is so encouraging to see students engaged in the topic of sustainability and I hope that they will bring elements of sustainable design into their future careers! Every time I give a presentation I intend to take a few pictures but yet again I was so involved in the conversation that I forgot!  You’ll have to trust me that it was a great day 🙂

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