Passive House Revolution

I had a great time at the Lunch and Learn hosted by The Green Machine at Holland College today!  There was a pretty big audience and they had some fantastic questions.  I spoke a bit longer than was planned but I certainly didn’t mind!  I’m so glad they invited me to present and hope that I was able to share some interesting food for thought.

I actually have another commitment coming up to promote Passive House principles.  On March 26th the Environmental Studies Program and the Physics Department at UPEI are hosting a free public viewing of the documentary “Passive House Revolution” followed by a Q&A session.  I, along with 4 others who have experience with sustainable building and engineering, will sit on a panel to answer any questions anyone may have for us.  As always I’m excited to share my experience planning and building our home!  So, if you are free, please join us!!

Check out the poster with all of the details!

2015-03-12 20.27.38

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One Response to Passive House Revolution

  1. Bryson Guptill says:

    We had a conflict today, but it would be great to see you at UPEI. I’ve made a note of the date.

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