Living in a Passive House

We have been in the house now for about 2 weeks and are slowly getting things organized.  As it turns out, the day after we moved in the storm of the century raged upon us and we were forced to stay home and get things done!

So, what about our new home am I enjoying so far?

1.  Moving in was almost surreal.  We have planned in such detail for this build and it was amazing to actually be able to say that we are finished and to move in.  The property itself felt like home to us when we originally bought it and through each step of the construction process it felt like a dream come true… although, it felt like it wasn’t happening quick enough!  Isn’t that always the case when you are waiting for something you’ve dreamed of?

2.  Comfort!!  This house is soooo comfortable.  The HRV supplies us with a constant supply of fresh air that has been heated with the outgoing air.  There are air supplies in the kids bedrooms and when we go check on them at night after their doors having been closed for a few hours it feels as though we are breathing fresh outdoor air.  The temperature has fluctuated but that hasn’t been a surprise.  We knew that we would have that.  What is amazing though is that 18 C is very comfortable though when you are not dealing with any drafts or any dropping cold air near windows.  It is the same temperature throughout the house.  The house is also extremely quiet.  We do not hear any traffic (although this time of year there isn’t much!).

3.  Efficiency!!  After a little bit of frustration we finally got The Energy Detective (TED) set up.  We can monitor three circuits and have chosen to put one of the whole house, another on the electric hot water heater, and the third on our electric heater.  This way we can see exactly what our two biggest loads are costing us.  We have only had it going for 5 full days.  On average the hot water heater has cost us $1.16 per day.  The electric heater has cost us on average $0.72 per day!  Guess how much it cost yesterday….. nothing!!  It all really depends on how much sun we get in a given day.  I’ll be interested to see how well calibrated TED is once we start to get electric bills.

So now that this build is complete and we are moved in we can settle in and enjoy it.  We did just that this afternoon with a snowshoe around the property with the kids.

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4 Responses to Living in a Passive House

  1. Mike Kenny says:

    I just finished reading all your entries, I have to say I’m impressed with your house. We too plan to build a house in the next number of years. As of right now, it will be a passive house.

  2. Bryson Guptill says:

    Great results, you two! Amazing that the heating costs are running less than $1.00/day during the coldest part of the winter. My last propane bill was for $300, and that was for about 3 weeks! We would love to come out again while it’s still cold outside and see how the HRV feels in real time. 🙂

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