We are in!!

February 14, 2015 will not be known as Valentine’s Day in our house. It is now forever known as Moving Day!

Now the fun of organizing begins but we can take our time with that. With a storm on the horizon it looks like we will have few days snowed in to work at it!

The kids have settled right in though and are loving it already even among the chaos!

Special thanks to my brother and sister in law and to my parents for all their help. We really appreciate you all!!





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6 Responses to We are in!!

  1. Roy V says:

    Congrats, must feel great.

  2. Mike says:

    Congrats, I am very happy for your family. Looks like you might have a couple of days couped up in the house. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences in your passive house.

  3. Hank Williams says:

    CONGRATULATIONS after so long in the planning and building we hope that you will have a l-o-n-g and happy life in your new home. Hope moving day there on the Island was much better than here in Connecticut where another dump of snow hit us over night and now the wind is so great that huge drifts are piling up. Was talking to friends on the Grahams Road and they were not able to get to the road this morning. Clara and I wish you all the very best in the new home.​

  4. Troy says:

    Fantastic. Congratulations. Enjoyed all your posts. I’m sure you’ve inspired others.

  5. WOW!!! You guys have a wonderful home and have every right to be very proud of it! Congratulations.

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