Floors and Stairs

Lots of finish work going on these days.  The stairs have been completed and the floors are going in!   By the end of this week we should have all the floors installed, trim completed, plumbing fixtures installed and the second coat of paint underway.

Also, TED has arrived… that’s The Energy Detective.  We wanted to have a way to monitor our energy consumption, particularly for the two electric radiators that we are installing, the hot water heater, and perhaps the HRV.  So, we ordered a unit that can monitor the circuits that we want and we can see in real time the energy consumption.  There is software that comes with the hardware that will allow us to track over time as well.  I’m sure you’ll see more of this in posts to come.

2015-01-23 19.39.56

Here’s TED… more to come on this!

Here’s a few pics of the stairs and flooring to date.

2015-01-23 16.39.57

The flooring for the kitchen is laid and glued. The vinyl that is laying on top of it is what will be in the bathrooms and the mudroom.

2015-01-21 17.39.15

Upstairs hallway laminate flooring and stairway.

2015-01-21 17.39.32

Looking down the stairs from the master bedroom. Lots of wood shavings on the floor, and if you look closely, you can see two posts that still need to be stained.

2015-01-21 17.39.48

Another view of the upstairs hallway.

2015-01-21 17.41.00

Looking up the stairs from the living room. The railing and treads are stained the same colour as the kitchen cabinets and the risers and spindles are painted the same Cloud White as the trim.

2015-01-23 16.39.33

Looking at the stairs from the kitchen. I love this look!

2015-01-21 17.40.39

The kids wanted to clean up all the dust on the floors… at least three of them did! Poor lighting in this pic, the floors don’t quite look that light.

So, how long until we move in??  Isn’t that the million dollar question!!!  Soon… soon… soon… within the next couple of weeks we will be calling this house of ours, home.

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1 Response to Floors and Stairs

  1. Bryson Guptill says:

    Looks amazing, you two. The finish work makes such a difference!

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