A New Exterior and Some Colour

The crew has been spending a lot of time working on installing the siding the last few weeks.  As it is, installing Cape Cod siding can be time consuming but it has proven to be even more so as a result of the windows.  Traditional North American windows are installed on the outside of the house however, our Passive House windows are installed in the middle of the wall; halfway between the inside and the outside of the house.  This means that there is a large sill on the inside of the house as well as on the outside of the house.   So, more trim work to consider.

I stopped by the house today and I was thrilled to see that the scaffolding was being taken down on the front of the house.  There is now a true view of what the finished house will look like!!  And as with everything else that I’ve seen come together with this house, I love it 🙂

2014-12-11 12.47.18

Scaffolding down! The grey ledger board that is on the South and East of the house will be for a future pergola.

Another element that has given us a greater insight into what the finished house will look like is interior painting.   The first coat of paint has been completed; the feel of every room has totally changed!  Let me tell you though, picking out paint colours was one of the most stressful things that I’ve done!  I though picking out flooring was tough; nope, paint was waaaay worse!  Thankfully Melvin at House of Excellence in Charlottetown was able to ease my worries and help me make decisions.   Here are a few pics of the rooms with colour.  The pictures definitely do not give the true colours but just an idea.  Only one colour is missing from the pics and that’s the colour that the mudroom and bathrooms.  They will be Benjamin Moore – seaspray.  The trim will be painted in cloud white.

2014-12-11 12.38.43

Living area: Benjamin Moore colour – baffin island

2014-12-11 12.40.14

Upstairs hallway: Also Benjamin Moore – baffin island What a difference lighting makes, looks totally different.

2014-12-11 12.39.17

Downstairs bedroom/playroom: Benjamin Moore – sesame Colour is definitely more vibrant in person!

2014-12-11 12.39.51

Girl’s room: Benjamin Moore – marmalade. Not quite so vibrant in person!

2014-12-11 12.40.01

Boy’s room: Benjamin Moore – soft chinchilla and dinner party. Sam loves red and Jake loves blue… what can you do?!

2014-12-11 12.39.36

Master bedroom: wheeling neutral. Will match nicely with the wallpaper that we’ve chosen for an accent wall.

2014-11-30 20.26.01

The wallpaper for the master bedroom. Man, I which colours would come out true! Very poor depiction of the colours on this one.

2014-12-10 18.08.15

The trim. What you see here is the baseboard next to a plinth block and the window and door casings on top of the plinth block. The upper casing on the windows and doors will be the same thickness as the plinth block but a little wider. Simple and classic!

One other thing that I’ve done this week was take a trip to check out light fixtures, yet another decision to be made.  I didn’t decide on any fixtures but I had excellent customer service from one of the Holland College students who toured the house at the local Home Depot!  Nic helped me pick out some LED bulbs to try out for the house.  I picked up some Philips bulbs in both the “soft light” and the “day light”.   The soft light bulbs are definitely best for the general living area where the day light bulbs are great for the bathrooms.  They are definitely more expensive but they bulbs are rated to last for 25, 000 hours!  That’s 22.8 years at 3 hours a day!   Plus… they consume a lot less energy.  A 10.5W bulb replaces a 60W incandescent bulb.

Next steps?  Kitchen install, flooring install, and trimwork… stay tuned 🙂


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