Drywall is up!

I can now really visualize how the space is going to look, and… I love it!  What a difference drywall makes!  Seamfilling is now underway which really makes me realize that I need to pick out some paint colours soon.  More decisions to make!!  Sometimes I wish I had an interior designer to make all these choices for me; I’m having a hard time wondering if all of my choices are going to look good together.

So, as always, a few pics:

photo 3

Looking towards the stairs and main entry way from the living room. You can see to the left the large double entry into the downstairs bedroom/playroom and next to it the door into the entryway. On the other side of the stairs is a hallway leading to a half bath.

photo 1

Another view of the stairs. The post is going to be framed in and there will be open railing all the way up onto the landing.

photo 2

This is where my kitchen will be! Lots of electrical plugs for appliances and lighting.

photo 4

In the upstairs hallway looking towards the kids rooms. The door on the left is the kids bath, the middle door is the boys’ room and the room on the right is the girls’. To the far right you can see a little alcove in the wall. This is a built shelf area in the upstairs hallway.

photo 5

The girls’ bedroom looking at the closets. The closets in the boys room is set up the same. Instead of one extra large closet we chose to create two closets in each bedroom so everyone can have their own space.




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One Response to Drywall is up!

  1. Roy says:

    Looks great. Could you imagine trying to air seal standard wall Construction with all those outlets.

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