Test Anxiety

Test anxiety?  Yup, you read that right.  Blower door test.  And yes, I had anxiety about it!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts we need to reach an ACH of 0.6 in order to meet Passive House standards.  We decided to have an initial blower door test now that the windows and doors are installed and the air sealing is complete.  One of the students from Holland College that we met last week, Roy, volunteered to come out to do the blower door test for us.  One hiccup was that they didn’t have the appropriate sized rings (makes the hole where the air goes in and out of the house/blower fan smaller or bigger).  The lower the ACH is going to be the smaller the hole needs to be.  Thankfully, they were able to get the proper size and we were ready to go.  I do have to mention that I was impressed with Roy.  He acted as a true professional and brought his knowledge and enthusiasm with him; thank you!

So, this morning before we had the test I was a ball of nerves!  This is such a huge component of the whole project and I was confident that we would meet the target but nervous nonetheless.  Turns out I had nothing to be nervous about!  Our results?  0.18ACH at 50 pascals!!!  Eeeeeeek!  This surpassed my expectations!!

There are still a few services that will have to go through the walls so we will need to be as meticulous as possible about sealing those up we have been with everything else.  One thing is for certain though; I am extremely confident in the team that is building our home!  Kudos to Trout River Homes for all of their hard work and attention to detail!

So, a few pics of the day!

2014-10-22 10.10.28

Getting the blower door set up.

2014-10-22 10.29.08

Once thing we had to be careful of was that the fan was sealed well in the fabric. We had to put the electrical cord out through the hole that the fan goes in so we needed to make sure there were no areas for air to escape there.

2014-10-22 10.35.10

The man at the controls, Roy. Here he’s adjusting the pressure that the fan creates in the house.

2014-10-22 11.19.43

Ralph and Terry checking for any areas that may be leaking air.

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2 Responses to Test Anxiety

  1. Win at Naugler House says:

    Congratulations! Very well done.

  2. Blair Arsenault says:

    Great Job Roy, class was enthusiastic about the impressive results!

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