A Week of Windows

This week has seen the installment of one of the most researched aspects of the house, the windows!  The windows we chose to go with were through Klearwall (www.klearwall.com).  The windows are the Future-Proof line and the exterior doors are from the Eco-Clad line.  We found that these windows and doors which are manufactured in Ireland gave us the best thermal properties for the best value.  It was hard though to order such a large component of the house having never seen the product in person.  We had to trust that the videos and images that we saw were true to the product and also the fact that they are Passive House certified.

I must say that we haven’t been disappointed by the quality of the product.  When the windows first arrived we were amazed by how heavy they were!  They are SOLID!!  With triple glazing and 5 inch insulated frames they are build to preform.  The windows open with the “tilt and turn” mechanism and the doors have full panes of glass in them.

The installation of the windows and doors is key to ensure that there is no thermal bridging and that there are no places that would allow for air leakage.  It is quite time consuming compared to installing traditional windows and requires huge attention to detail.

The locking mechanism on the windows is impressive.  It’s hard to explain other than to actually close a window and turn the handle into the locked position.  What is really neat is that you can actually see and feel the window sealing as you turn the handle.  No air leakage!!!

So, without further adieu here are some pictures of the progress this week!

2014-10-02 22.22.57

The exterior of the house with the windows installed.

2014-10-01 17.44.09

One of the downstairs windows.

2014-10-01 17.44.28

Turn the handle to the horizontal position and it is in “tilt” position.

2014-10-01 17.45.04

Turn the handle to the vertical position and the window is in “turn” position.

2014-10-03 08.45.36

The windows are inset so that they are in the center of the wall system. This means that there is a 9″ sill on both the inside and outside of the house. Windows that we are used to seeing here are attached to the outside of houses.

2014-10-03 08.45.42

Insulation is critical!! The rough stud opening is first prepped with insulation and then the window is put into place. Any gaps are meticulously filled with spray foam insulation to eliminate any air gaps.

2014-10-03 17.53.49

One of the exterior doors. I LOVE the full glass panel! It is just like another window!

2014-10-03 17.53.58

The hinge system on the doors is pretty impressive. With the weight of the door it has to be!

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7 Responses to A Week of Windows

  1. Steve says:

    Are you still happy with the windows and doors by Klearwall?

    • rbpeters04 says:

      Well, I think the quality of the windows is good. However, we have issues with the doors and air leakage. Our windows have been great but we do know of others that had issues. Our contractor has been exploring other suppliers for further projects.

  2. Steve says:

    Curious if your doors are aluminum? Were they an upgrade over the windows? We are looking at their doors and would obviously want to avoid similar issues if possible. Did they come with a multi point lock system?

    Also, curious what type of issues others are having with the windows.

    We are also looking a Schuco uPVC as an alternative. Hard decision for sure!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    • rbpeters04 says:

      Yikes, sorry Steve! I’m just seeing this comment now!

      We actually have wooden doors and they were an upgrade over the windows. There is a multipoint lock system, well, let me clarify, there is a multipoint sealing system. There are 6 separate points that the doors seal but just the one lock. They have sent us new gaskets for the doors so hopefully that will help with our issue of air leakage.

      We have seen that in some larger windows that there has been some bowing in the glazing but Klearwall did send new glazing, an installer, and reinforcement over to correct the issue.

      I haven’t heard of Schuco uPVC so I’m curious to hear what you decide to go with!

      • Steve says:

        Thanks for the reply! We ended up choosing Klearwall. We are going with the uPVC passive house windows and the aluminum doors. Hope we have good luck! We decided against the Schuco package because the warranty was only 5 years. Klearwall offered a much better warranty with 15 yrs on glass and 30 yrs for the frames. Price, quality, performance were all equal. So, the warranty was the differentiator for us.

  3. Marek says:

    Steve, how did the Klearwall windows and doors work out for you? We are also considering them for our house to be built.

  4. steve says:

    We have not lived in the house yet, but we were able to pass the .6 ach and 50 pascals benchmark with the windows and doors installed (without drywall or the dense pack portion of the insulation). We have the alup+ doors. Very solid. We’ve had them adjusted once by the Klearwall tech and will need another slight adjustment when he comes back before the final air barrier test. Overall, they seem very solid. We have the futureproof windows.

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