I am so excited to say that we now have a floor to stand on!

2014-08-22 15.34.29-1

I guess I better back up a few steps though and show you a little about how that floor got there. 

From a previous post you know that the insulation was laid and prepared for the concrete.  Inside the concrete is compacted sand in the areas that are not load bearing.  The areas that are load bearing do not have the compacted sand to create an integrated footing.

2014-08-21 17.08.43

Compacted sand with integrated footing.

2014-08-21 17.08.30

It’s hard to see from the picture but the areas where there is rebar is are the locations of the integrated footings.

2014-08-21 17.09.29

A view along the front wall.

Next up was the actual pouring of the concrete.  The kids and I were there for most of the pouring; were they ever excited!! The guys who were working were fantastic as well and chatted a bit with the kids, a nice gesture. 

2014-08-22 08.57.49 2014-08-22 08.59.00 2014-08-22 09.05.22 2014-08-22 09.10.22 2014-08-22 09.17.06 2014-08-22 09.38.09 2014-08-22 09.39.26 2014-08-22 09.46.57 2014-08-22 09.55.06 2014-08-22 10.06.48 2014-08-22 15.17.27


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