Insulated Slab

It’s been an exciting couple of days.  We’ve had a few setbacks that have slowed down the progress but I think we are on track now and the real building can actually begin!

First, our windows arrived!  They are huge and crazy heavy!  It’s not just the size that makes them heavy it’s the triple panes and the massive frames that give us the high insulating values.  I love them!  The doors are beautiful as well, they are wooden doors with a full size glass insert; it’s like having another window!  I wish I had some better pictures of them but they are so heavy to try and move around that it wasn’t really possible.  The windows are from Klearwall and manufactured in Ireland.  It’s interesting to note that there are not many manufacturers of windows in North America that offer windows that are high performing enough to meet the Passive House standard.  We were very pleased with the cost of the Klearwall windows at looking at them uninstalled the quality of them looks fantastic as well.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say about them at install.

2014-08-19 16.18.03

Windows and doors leaning against the wall and against some pre-made Larsen Trusses.

The next piece of awesomeness is that we have the foam for the foundation from Truefoam.  The foam is precut and pieces together to create the insulating layer for our concrete slab.  The insulation kind of forms a tray with sides that are a bit higher, this tray (after having a layer of poly put down on top of it) will be filled with concrete. 

2014-08-20 21.07.27

The kids and I admiring the work that has been done.

2014-08-20 17.04.53

Looking at the two layers of the base of the insulated slab.

2014-08-20 17.05.59

Sealing around the plumbing.

2014-08-20 17.05.22

The temporary electrical panel in place. We will have underground electrical from the pole to the house.

2014-08-21 17.09.29

The poly is now over the foam and sand and gravel are being used as fill before the concrete is poured.


2014-08-21 17.09.13

Looking at the entire slab.

I have more pictures but having trouble uploading them tonight.  The concrete will be poured tomorrow so look for another post 🙂




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One Response to Insulated Slab

  1. Anna Peters says:

    Hi Ralph, I am so happy that they finely got some work done.From now on it will go fast : you will see. Love mom

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