Foundation Work

So I haven’t posted much lately as there hasn’t really been anything more to post!  However, this past Friday brought some work on the foundation; the plumber was there to put in all of the septic pipes in the shale slab.  An important consideration when designing our house was to make sure that all of the plumbing would be relatively close together.  This allows the actual plumbing installation to be less complicated and more cost efficient.

2014-08-01 10.07.59

Putting in the plumbing for a drain in the downstairs bath. The kitchen sink drain is in the background.

2014-08-01 10.11.16

Continuing work on the downstairs bath.

2014-08-01 10.08.13

The orange stake shows the location of the lines heading out to the septic system.

Along with some plumbing work the electrical was also brought in from the power pole.  We’ve chosen to go with underground electrical to the house so we won’t see any power lines hanging over the property.

2014-08-04 19.16.52

The large cable is the power line coming in from underground. The two large stacks are the location for our “Poor Man’s Geothermal” system to come in and out of the house… there will be more about that in a later post!

2014-08-04 19.16.22

Taking a step back you can really see how the plumbing is all located at the back of the house and is pretty compact.


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