Cleaning Up

Where are we in the project?  Well, we are are waiting on quotes so that we can get things finalized and get going with the build.  I know that things are moving along but boy, it feels like a slow process sometimes!  In the meantime we have been keeping busy though…

The weather is finally starting to look like spring and we have been getting out to the property to start cleaning up a bit.  When we bought the property there were two piles of brush and debris that were left so we need to get that cleaned up and there is a tree that suffered an unfortunate amputation due to one of the many storms we had this winter.

Two weeks ago we spent time cleaning up and trying to burn the brush piles.  We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with a “campfire” as the kids would call it and ended the day with a picnic of Greco pizza and garlic fingers!  No picnic blanket but a tarp worked just as well 🙂

Today we headed out again with the goal of cleaning up the poor tree that lost some branches.  With a chainsaw and the kid’s wagon in tow off we went!  What a great little team we have; the kids jumped right in and worked their little heart’s out!  We didn’t quite finish as we ran out of gas for the chainsaw but hey, we made a pretty good dent in it!

So, a few pics of our fun…

2014-05-03 17.33.14 2014-05-03 16.20.28 2014-05-03 16.20.40 2014-05-03 16.22.11 2014-05-03 16.33.51 2014-05-03 16.37.36 2014-05-03 16.37.51 2014-05-03 16.50.09 2014-05-03 16.50.25 2014-05-03 17.31.29 2014-05-03 17.32.33


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One Response to Cleaning Up

  1. Hank Williams says:

    Sunday Morning. Thanks for today’s posting. Got a wonderful idea of what the family looks like….great pictures! We hope to leave here on Sunday and plan to be on the Island for Victoria Day​ if all goes as planned. Regards from the two of us….

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