Interior Views

It seems like planning has slowed down a bit.  We have our final plan and are now waiting on some prices from some builders.  Gotta admit, a little frightened to see what they might be!

We are however close to getting quotes on windows which would meet the PH certification guidelines.  The first step in this is to make sure that the window sizes are what we want.  To help us in determining this our PH consultant sent us a few screen shots of what the interior of the house would look like based on his architectural program.  Pretty neat!  We are mostly satisfied with the windows; there are only a few small changes that we would like to make.  1)  The dining room window larger, 2) The NE bedroom window a bit larger.  By how much for either of these we are not sure yet though.

So, without further adieu, here they are!  The bedroom ones are a little harder to imagine as the rooms are smaller but the living area images really give a neat perspective on how the space will look.

KitchenDining LivingDiningKitchen livingRoom MasterBed NothEastBedroom SouthBedroom

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One Response to Interior Views

  1. Ilse says:

    Love the visuals! I have opinions about the windows (of course!). We’ll chat on the weekend (March BREAK!!)

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