A Busy Weekend

I’ve been wanting to post since the weekend but you know, working full time and four kiddos, things don’t always happen like I want them too!

We had a fantastic weekend with a spur of the moment trip to Fredericton, NB to meet with our Passive House consultant, Garth Hood, and to have a tour of the Naugler House.  It was dinnertime on Friday when the plans were finally set in place that we would head over first thing on Saturday morning.  First stop, the Naugler House.  Can I just say, WOW!  We were completely and totally impressed with the quality of the products and the craftsmanship that went into that home!  The firsts thing to amaze us was the front door.  Let me tell you, this was no ordinary door!  It was a large glass door with a triple sealing system made by Internorm and supplied by a company in BC, Northwin.  You could put one hand on the outside of the door and it felt cold but if you put it on the inside of the door it was warm.  And when I say warm, I really mean it!  Room temperature!  AMAZING!  When was the last time you felt a window in the middle of winter that felt room temperature on the inside?!  Have you guessed yet that we were highly impressed with this door??  And no mistake about it, the windows were exactly the same.  Impressive about the windows as well was the fact that they were “tilt and turn” windows.  When you turned the handle one way they would tilt out at the top and when you turned the handle the other way they turned in like a door.  Loved that!

Here’s a video that show how the windows worked.  It’s not the same company but the way they work is the same.

Another fantastic point about our visit was that the homeowner’s, the Naugler’s were there as well as Garth.  They were so welcoming and taught us so much about the in’s and out’s of the home.  From the design, to the HRV system, to the solar hot water system, we learned so much!  The visit really reinforced that we are doing the right thing planning our home to these standards.

After touring the Naugler House we met with Garth to try and nail down some more of the specifics of our home.  It was a great meeting and it was so nice to actually have a suggestion and see the change being made on the plan right away.  So much easier than all the emails!  It think we are getting closer to our final plan… so stay tuned!

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2 Responses to A Busy Weekend

  1. Rosalyn says:

    Beth, I love that you are maintaining this blog as I find it really interesting. Craig and I are planning to list our home this month and really hope to have a new home before the fall. We are looking at pre-existing houses but would love to build; we have a passive solar plan that we picked out two or three years ago but we’re very interested in the idea of a passive house. Maybe some time we could get together for tea and you could tell me a bit more about it? I wonder about the affordability of hiring someone to design it and then purchasing the necessary materials and then construction costs. It’s very exciting for your family!!

    • rbpeters04 says:

      Hi Rosalyn, we’d love to get together and tell you more about it! The more we can share the better!! Send me a message and we can try to figure out a time to get together.

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