It all began

with a dream.

For many years we have dreamed of building a new home.  It never felt like it could possibly be a reality but we now find ourselves in the position of planning our new Passive House.  We haven’t always wanted to build a Passive House but have always been interested in energy efficiency.   In a nutshell Passive House is a super-insulated, super-air sealed, extremely efficient house.   Here is a great little 90 second clip to help explain what a Passive House is:

The land which we are building on is actually a property that we first viewed about eight years ago and have had a fondness for ever since.  It is in the same community that we have been living in and really wanted to stay in.  It is a total of seven acres and is surrounded on three sides by trees which should offer us good protection from the wind.  It is also the last property on a paved road before it turns to dirt and is much quieter than the road we used to live on.

We have been out quite a bit lately just walking around and trying to imagine our new house on the property; it’s hard!!  The kids enjoy going out and playing and are also very excited to make it our new home.

IMG_6476 IMG_6481 IMG_6473 IMG_6474

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One Response to It all began

  1. Clint & Ilse says:

    We are very excited for you on this journey and will be following it with interest (so we can learn from your experience, lol).

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